We have just stepped into the year 2023. Most of us have written our own New Year’s resolutions. Some might think to remodel a new bathroom and some are looking for inspiration to do a house renovation.

However, one of the most important parts is choosing the right tiles. Tile selection should be planned carefully so that it does not require any replacement for the next few years.

Let’s jump into the forecast of the 3 tiles trend in Malaysia for 2023.


Image: TT06

One said, “Old but gold”. The old-school vibe of Terrazzo Tile seemed close to our hearts when we first saw the design in our hometowns or hotel lobbies.

Image: TT02

Its matte surface enables it to have a slip-stop function.

Image: TT10

Despite its low-maintenance compared to a real terrazzo, its versatility becomes the real comeback in this decade.

You may add its pop of colour to your bathroom, present the bright colour as a kitchen floor or perhaps utilise its cheerful design as a tabletop.

Image: TT05

Surprise your guest with terrazzo’s retro look. It will surely bring back our nostalgic childhood memories.


Image: WT03

Another great option for you to have for your upcoming house renovation is Wood Tile.

Image: WT01

Thanks to its durability compared to a real wood or vinyl floor. Wood Tile is not easily damaged by moisture.

Image: WT04

Don’t be surprised that it can be installed in the toilet or your wet kitchen due to its great water absorption compared to a real wood or vinyl floor.

Image: WT02

Furthermore, its warm and earthy tone design gives an aesthetic look to the space.

Image: WT05

Similar to Terrazzo Tile, the Wood Tile is a maintenance-free floor tile that is a must-have for every homeowner in the year 2023.


Image: Nuvola

2023 is the best time to transform your dull space. You may fully utilise the blank space with large format tiles or known as Feature Tile.

One of its advantages is that less grout is used. Besides being cost-saving, it is easier to clean the Feature Tile than the small pieces of tile.

Image: Azzurro

Update your interior with Feature Tile that gives a three-dimensional (3D) effect due to the special glaze granular on the surface.

Image: Aria

The full combination of Feature Tile makes it as if it is a live mural in your home.


Image: Victorian B&W Border and Corner mosaic 

Are you having difficulty completing every edge of certain spaces? Our Victorian B&W Border and Victorian B&W Corner mosaics will solve that problem for you. Our eyes will get more attracted to the beautiful outline of the mosaics. Besides focusing on the combination of the border and corner mosaics, the space adds an accent to the floor subconsciously.

Image: Victorian B&W Border and Corner mosaic

Influenced by the Victorian style, the border and corner designs are great at dividing the area so every space is now perfectly covered!


We understand that 2023 is forecast as a challenging year. Our aim is not only to provide eye-catching tiles but also serve affordable tiles in Malaysia. We are excited to launch more fresh designs and maintain the good quality of our products. Stay in touch for the announcement and follow us on our social media platform: Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. May the new year create meaningful changes for all of us.